Is it time to get out of your business? Or maybe it’s getting close to that time.

Maybe you’re working way too hard and not earning enough. Maybe you’re ready to retire. Or maybe – you’re just tired and want to move onto the next adventure.

Either way you’re dreaming of the day you’re out of there so you can start enjoying your life.

As excited as you are about the future, you’re also a little apprehensive about how to extract yourself from your business. You’re also unsure of what happens next.

Here’s the disturbing truth. Most businesses only sell for a fraction of what they’re worth. And most retirees live in poverty in retirement. Why?

They’re being robbed of five of six figure amounts when they do sell and when they retire –there are four reasons for that:

  1. The business is heavily reliant on the owner
  2. There are no systems and procedures in place
  3. The business has no profit or poor cashflow
  4. There are no tangible future maintainable earnings

The good news is by putting in place a few steps now before you sell – you can lift the business valuation dramatically. And with the right negotiation of the sale, you can secure five or six figures more (like one of our pharmacy clients did when he sold his group for $2 million more than he expected).

Then – by putting in place succession planning measures now, you can:

  • Sell your business faster and for more money
  • Pass your business down to family members in a way that financially works for both parties
  • Maximise your retirement income

At EBAA we do all of that for you and more. This includes a variety of strategies including:

  • Preparing your business for sale
  • Business valuations
  • Strategically identifying and targeting the right buyer
  • Negotiating the sale of your business (we’re licensed business brokers)
  • Tax plan your sale proceeds
  • Retirement plan your sale proceeds

The process works.

“ Evan creates futures for small business owners they didn’t dream possible.” - Alan Weiss

What is possible for your business?

Arrange your Complimentary Discovery Consultation to find out more or if you need more information or have any queries please feel free to contact us.

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EBAA analyses all the appropriate variables to find the opportunities to dramatically grow revenues and profit quickly without additional capital investment.