Starting your business or trying to get your business back on track? We’ll set you up with the systems you’ll need to get real time data to make good decisions quickly. Set this a strong financial foundation now and you’ll be well-positioned for growth in the future.


Our unique Strategy to Cash® program, will help you identify and track those variables that most clearly impact your profitability. We’ll expose areas of vulnerability and identify new opportunities—giving you clear choices growth and profits, while minimising risk & lowering labour intensity.


Ready to do something else?We’ll evaluate your options to design the best exit strategies.

As a licensed business broker, we can provide business valuation and assist you in buying or selling a business—or both.


It’s time to reap the results of your hard work. We offer financial planning and estate planning services to help you maximize your return on your efforts and best protect your assets for your family in the future.  

Let us make your business work better for you.

You’ve invested time, money, and resources in your business. But are you getting the most value from that investment? 

Whether you’re building your business, growing it, or looking for an exit strategy, the best way to get the most out of your business is to have Australia’s leading financial concierge in your corner. *EBAA can help you with tax compliance, too.

EBAA has decades of experience helping business owners uncover new sources of revenue, close sales faster, increase profitability, improve customer retention, lower employee turnover, and run their businesses as efficiently as possible. 

That’s because Evan Bulmer has done all of these things for his own businesses, too. He’s a financial advisor, business broker, coach, and consultant*. When it comes to business, Evan’s seen it, done it, grown it, fixed it, sold it, and more. His focus is on helping you quickly realize the vision for your business, so you can enjoy the fruit of your labours (and keep more of the results, too!).

Your Financial Concierge...

EBAA will look under the covers to learn what’s driving your business. What are the metrics that matter? Where simple changes will increase revenue, cut costs, and reduce your headaches? What opportunities are you missing?

Get a financial concierge in your corner. And see how far your business might go.

*EBAA can help you with tax compliance, too.

Experience: Been There, Seen That

    • Evan has been around business owners his whole life.
    • He’s seen failure and success and everything in between: personally bought and sold 9 businesses. Advised hundreds of businesses over last 25 years.
    • Evan recognizes the symptoms in his clients and can help them avoid minefields.
    • Evan is passionate about helping clients get more value.

Results are what matters

    • We find where clients are leaking profits.
    • We uncover new sources of revenue and income.
    • We expose new possibilities.
    • We help you define your own success.
    • We have client success stories to prove it.
    • We help dramatically reduce labor intensity.

We work with Companies & Organisations that:

    • Want to dramatically improve their revenue and profitability
    • Are ready to focus on people, communication
    • Are open to exciting new possibilities

“ Evan creates futures for small business owners they didn’t dream possible.” - Alan Weiss

What is possible for your business?

Arrange your Complimentary Discovery Consultation to find out more or if you need more information or have any queries please feel free to contact us.

Evan Bulmer Consulting

Evan -  0408 244 640
Tamara - 0416 094 986

PO Box 8067
Grange SA 5022

EBAA analyses all the appropriate variables to find the opportunities to dramatically grow revenues and profit quickly without additional capital investment.