The Big Switch in Spending Has Big Consequences

If you need any reminder as to why your supply chain is key to your strategy, just completely disrupt it and see what happens. There’s nothing like a good pandemic to demonstrate this. As the world economy is restricted from buying services—think travel, restaurants, entertainment—we are spending our money on goods, including luxury goods. With…

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Lessons Learned from 2020

2020 taught me three things as I watched the marketplace dissolve into fear and panic throughout this pandemic. Firstly: It is never the situation but how you react to it that matters. As the gravity of COVID-19 hit marketplaces worldwide, some businesses bunkered down and hoped things would get better. Others were able to drive…

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Reshoring in a Post-COVID World

I recently participated in a panel discussion about issues related to reshoring, nearshoring and regional supply chains from a Pacific Rim/North American perspective.If you’re wondering whether reshoring could add value to your business and enhance your customer experience or create further disruption and cost, I invite you to have a listen. The panel consisted of consultants…

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