Supply Chain, Materials and Logistics Disruption

Recent years have thrown up a series of events that have caused inbound supply disruptions for developed economies dependent on international supply chains. Some of these disruptions have been bigger while others have been smaller, some have been regional and others global, but all have had significant impacts around the world. I participated recently in…

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Creating Resiliency in 2021

Resiliency has emerged as a cornerstone to emerging successfully from the pandemic and essential to post-COVID success. I recently participated in a panel discussion on this topic as part of the Society for the Advancement of Consulting Supply Chain Special Interest Group series of events.

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Reshoring in a Post-COVID World

I recently participated in a panel discussion about issues related to reshoring, nearshoring and regional supply chains from a Pacific Rim/North American perspective.If you’re wondering whether reshoring could add value to your business and enhance your customer experience or create further disruption and cost, I invite you to have a listen. The panel consisted of consultants…

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