Meet the EBAA Team


“Trouble Shooter”. “Wing Man”. “Accounting Ninja”. “You make me feel 10 foot tall and bullet proof.”

These are all terms that Evan Bulmer’s clients use to describe him.

Evan consistently takes businesses that are struggling with cashflow and turns them around to achieve miraculous growth. (see case studies)

Evan’s secret?

It’s his mix of business acumen, accounting experience, strategy, creativity but most of all because he is extremely passionate about what he does and passionate about helping his clients?

Evan started his accounting business in 1996 because he believed he could make a real difference to the lives of the business owners he has a real passion for.

His interest in entrepreneurship started at the age of 11 when his dad was retrenched and bought his first business. From that day on the conversations around the dinner table all focused on business.

Evan has won numerous awards in the accounting industry including:

  • Fastest Growing Practitioner – 2008
  • Most Profitable Solo Practitioner – 2008
  • Rob Nixon MasterClass – 2010

More facts about Evan:

What excites you most about your work?

Having clients reflect back to me the positive impact that I am achieving for them in their business and in their lives.

What excites you about your personal life?

My daughter.

What is your favourite way of unwinding?

Taking the family away on short holidays.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in the suburbs next door to where I live now. When all my mates went overseas to work I started my own business.

What do you see as your legacy?

Creating a better world by improving one business at a time.

Jodie Simpson

Jodie has been “the power behind the throne”– the “lynchpin” at EBAA, for the last five years. In fact, she is one of the key reasons why Evan produces such great results for his clients.

She is a master at making all the behind the scenes activities run like clockwork so Evan can focus his time and energy on delivering exceptional value to clients. She is super organised and moves on things quickly. Clients consistently comment about how efficient Jodie is at making things happen fast.


More facts about Jodie:

What excites you about your work at EBAA?

The variety of work that I get to do – the fact that it is constantly changing. My major client has always been Evan since I started in this role. I put him in the right place at the right time with what he needs to do his job. If it all goes well, that is a good day.

What excites you most in your personal life?

Running, yoga, travel, great food, good wine, Liverpool Football Club and my partner James (in no particular order).

What’s your favourite way of unwinding on the weekend?

Going for a long run in the winter. Road trip weekends away. In the summer, spending time in my pool or at the beach.

Where did you grow up and why did you leave (if you did leave)?

I was born at Henley Beach. I travelled to London for work and adventure. I moved to Scotland for a man then back to Henley Beach after one too many Scottish winters but I did bring Scottish man back with me.

What do you want to be remembered for?

That I did things I loved and travelled the path I wanted without bringing hurt to anyone else… just happiness.


  • Administration Team of the Year – Ambius (Division of Rentokil) -2008 (I was head of team)
  • HMV Trainee Manager of the Year UK – 2004