Increase Your Profit

On paper you made a profit last year but your pockets are empty. You wonder where all the money went as you’re certainly not living a lifestyle that reflects your profit figure.

It’s frustrating being in the black if you have nothing tangible to show for it – if all your profits are tied up in capital.

Another profitability challenge…

Are you promoting the right product or service? One that actually works for your business? It’s amazing how often we see how much revenue a client is making and how much of that money goes towards promoting the least profitable product or service.

The solution?

We use a proprietary diagnostic tool to analyse your numbers and pinpoint what you can be doing to maximise profits on each sale and at the same time, enhance your cashflow position.

Our profit growth services include:

  • Developing a financial scorecard that plots KPIs
  • Identifying the most profitable pricing strategy (the most misunderstood lever in any business)
  • Creating the Product/Service mix that maximises profit
  • Performing a ‘What If Analysis’ (forecast how changes in price affect profit and volume)

Results Achieved:

Group of child-care related companies

Increased business valuation from $1.2 million to about $4 million. Increased profitability from $300k to $1 million plus.

Automotive service industry

Margins increased from 28% to 46% +. Achieved a 300% increase in profit in two years.

Trade service

Remained profitable throughout severe industry downturn and increased profits by 10% with view of expanding this year.

Pharmacy industry

Increased profits by $821,000. Identified sale opportunity before downturn hit. Increased the valuation by $5.9 million over 3 years.