Discovery Consultation

What’s possible for your business?


Arrange your Complimentary Discovery Consultation to find out.

Now you can identify the hidden profit potential lying dormant in your business in a no cost, no obligation way.


Here’s how the Discovery Session works:

Evan will find out more about your existing customer base, your retention strategies, your lead generation activities, how frequently a customer buys from you, and what your average dollar transaction is.

He’ll identify small changes in each of these key areas you can get a dramatic idea on what your revenue potential is and help you set some objectives and measures for success.

If Evan feels he can add tremendous value to your business, he’ll then put together a short document together that gives you a range of options and solutions. If he feels he can’t help he’ll tell you that too upfront.


To be eligible for a discovery session:

  • You have been operating your business for 3 years
  • You are turning a profit (on paper) or you have the potential to turn a profit
  • You are committed to doing whatever it takes to be successful
  • You’re coachable. You will listen to advice and act on it.
  • You have a product or a service that the marketplace wants

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